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Beautiful, Free Images to Jazz Up Your Library Website

We all know that the best things in life are free, but don’t give these to the birds and bees — instead use them on your website! Here are 15 great sites where you can find royalty-free images for use on your website and other marketing materials. Don’t forget to ensure you’re attributing the images properly, ensuring.

Image Management on Your Library Website

What makes a great website? Well, that’s a big question, but a very important part of any website are the visuals and images used. In this article we’re going to discuss the importance of visual elements to your website, three main styles of imagery, and ways to find great free images you can use. Although the.

Creating Customer-centered Content at the Library

There’s lots of information out there on how to create customer-focused content, what it is, and how important it is. But how does this apply to the library space and how can you best leverage this on your library website? Unfortunately, most information about creating customer-focused content is aimed at a.

What Is Content Marketing and Why Should Libraries Care?

As a librarian at a public library, why should you care about content marketing? The answer is simple: you should care because the way your community accesses content — whether for education or entertainment — has changed. Individuals expect great content to present itself when they need it, and to be contextualized.