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Guide: Library Homepage Design in 2024

Why is your library’s homepage important? Well, for many of your patrons, it’s their first point of entry into your library’s digital and, potentially, overall experience. Just like someone who’d walk through the doors of your physical branches, you want to help your online patrons find what they’re looking for, sign.

Indianapolis Public Library’s 5 Tips for Accessibility

The Indianapolis Public Library serves a population of over 900,000 across 25 locations in both urban and suburban areas. With advancing racial equality, diversity, and inclusiveness being one of the library’s key values, it is prioritizing race and intersectional identities in every activity. To drive these goals,.

How Stark Library Elevated its Diversity Efforts

One of the most powerful ways of connecting more people to their public library is by helping patrons “see themselves” in your collection and programming, and by empowering people with varying abilities to fully leverage your services. That’s why diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) measures are.

Building Impactful Book Lists for Your Patrons

From places for building social connections to driving personal empowerment, communities lean on their public libraries. Communities also trust their libraries to help steward the growth of the next generation. Illustrating these dynamics, EveryLibrary Institute recently released the results of its “Public Libraries.

5 Ways Library Staff Can Promote Diverse Voices

One thing that helps patrons build a personal connection to their public library is ‘seeing themselves’ in the catalog, events, and other programming. That’s why libraries are actively promoting diverse voices to their patrons. From featuring famous and emerging authors from underrepresented communities to also.

Using Contests to Drive Community Engagement

When used effectively, a website can be a great tool for engaging your local community. Be it blogging, online forms, or user-generated content like comments and reading lists, you have many powerful tools at your disposal. Every single day, our partner libraries are creating new and innovative ways of using these.

Using A/B Testing to Drive More Blog Feed Clicks

One of the challenges of maintaining a public library website is ensuring that it continuously appeals to the needs and preferences of your online patrons. You might align with user expectations at the start of your website’s lifecycle, but people change, and so do the technologies and standards underpinning the web..

Top Blogging Platforms for Libraries

When it comes to generating online visibility and driving patron engagement, blogging is one of the best tools available to public libraries. Libraries that lean on staff and patron voices to create content show the tangible value of their services and lead conversations amid key public issues thrive. They capture the.

9 Great Library Blog Examples to Try in 2024

Blogging is a powerful way of both telling your library’s story and, as importantly, getting that story in front of as many people as possible. This is especially true when your library blog articles deliver real tangible value by positively impacting the personal and professional lives of your patrons. Your blog can.

Ideating Compelling Library Blog Ideas

So, what makes a great library blog? Well, let’s walk through a real story to find out… Sneha Bhavsar is a mixed media artist who was commissioned to create a very intricate and delicate piece with paper she brought from India. This piece required Sneha to make many cuts to the paper using an X-Acto knife; however,.